Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Vacation Interrupt for a Few Words on OTEC

Our “research trip” to probe recent developments in ocean thermal energy conversion has bogged down in France, where OTEC was first theorized, and we’re frankly not getting much research done along those lines.

It therefore was encouraging to receive word on this Defense News article on “Electricity From the Sea – U.S. Navy Plans Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plants” From the story:

“The Navy thinks ‘ocean thermal energy conversion’ may be the answer to Guam’s future electricity needs – and Diego Garcia’s Kwajalein’s and Hawaii’s, too.”

There hasn’t been much out there on OTEC developments lately, so this fairly long article is good news. That said, we’re heading to Mont Ventoux in Provence today to see if we might encounter an “atmospheric thermal energy conversion” project that’s heretofore gone unreported.


Ryan Lanham said...

Several of us are trying to organize a US 501(C)(3) foundation to support the expansion of Ocean Thermal Energy. We've started a wiki, will soon be launching a website, and have a facebook fan page--search in Facebook on "Ocean Thermal Energy Foundation" and become a fan.

Interested business leaders or researchers are welcome to contact me directly for additional information. Rlanham1963 at

UHM Outreach College said...

Find out more about OTEC at UH Manoa on Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm.

Hans Krock delivers Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture, "The Poseidon Adventure: A Down-Side-Up Story of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion."

Dr. Krock is a UHM Professor Emeritus of Ocean and Resources Engineering, and has worked for three decades to develop a practical and economic approach to design, build and use OTEC systems to produce base-load electricity, transportation fuel, cold water air conditioning, and fresh water.