Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OTEC Receiving Renewed Attention around the World; Big Wind Continues Battling Its Way in the Legislature

SEPTEMBER 2012 UPDATE: As noted in the heading above, we've essentially stopped writing the Hawaii Energy Options blog now that we've moved to Northern California. Hawaii continues to struggle with its renewable energy options, and several of this blog's 2012 posts called attention to the tradeoffs citizens will or won't make to reduce their dependence on foreign oil for their energy needs.

This April 2001 post noted the ongoing fight in the Legislature over Big Wind (cable-transmitted power from the neighbor islands to Oahu). We mention it again because the fight still hasn't been resolved after years of wrangling. (February 2013 update of our September 2012 update: "Molokai Ranch ends wind farm talks with Pattern Energy, Bio-Logical Capital"

Civil Beat had an update (subscription may be necessary to view) on the Big Wind energy project and the state’s emphasis on its importance. Meanwhile, OTEC and other ocean energy technologies continued their drift toward the front burner – or maybe they were still on the back burner, but the intensity level was far above simmer.

Forbes published an article on activities of some of the major players in the drawn-out OTEC development experience, including Lockheed and OTE Corporation, which has an office in Honolulu.

We’re as high on OTEC as ever. It’s just that our OTEC attention span is on simmer and is likely to stay that way as agencies and corporations with the financial ability to back significant OTEC construction still ponder whether they'll ever get around to it. Here's hoping they finally make the commitment that will get Hawaii off oil and out from under its energy storm clouds.