Monday, May 18, 2009

Looking for Any Excuse To Visit “La Belle France”

We really do appreciate the visits to this blog by readers from around the world, and we often wish we knew why some of you visit – what your recurring interest in Hawaii energy issues is that brings you back to our little site.

Who are you, “” -- and why did you click in four times today? We can understand the passing interest of Hawaiian Electric Industries; thanks for stopping by. And you there – Why are your listed locations always out-of-the-way places like Hanford, CA and Schurz, NV? Shurz? You have got to be kidding. Don’t you ever hang out in metro areas?

By now it should be obvious we’re filling space today as the hours count down to our vacation in France. We appreciate our readers’ visits, and we apologize in advance for not posting much (if at all) over the next three weeks.

But since it’s France we’re visiting, maybe we can swing into some obscure museum somewhere that features the work of French inventor George Claude, the 19th Century proponent of ocean thermal energy conversion who lost his fortune attempting to make the technology work. If it’s any comfort to you, M. Claude, wherever you are -- they’re still trying.

Perhaps an OTEC breakthrough will be announced while we’re traveling so we’ll have to play catch-up from halfway around the world. If that happens, we’ll consider it justification to write off this trip!

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Ryan Lanham said...

Several persons are trying to establish a new Ocean Thermal Energy Foundation. So far, I am acting as Executive Director. You can find us on Facebook as a group--please become a fan! Or you can check out our Wiki at


Ryan Lanham