Sunday, May 10, 2009

Work Already Underway on Next Year’s Legislation; Busy Summer Ahead on Renewable Energy Topics

The work of the 2009 legislative session won’t be completed until legislation clears the Governor’s desk one way or another, but there’s hope for optimism that several “green” energy bills will become law.

The Blue Planet Foundation is tracking several measures at its website, including urging followers to send notes of appreciation to legislators who voted for new renewable energy portfolio standards and other legislation.

The failure to pass a ban on future fossil fuel-fired power plants is the major disappointment of the session, and we can expect it to be high on the priority list in 2010. A summer-long series of renewable energy and sustainability happenings will help build support.

UH Manoa as Center Stage

The Sakamaki Extraordinary Lectures series on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus will offer a summer-long opportunity to increase your renewable energy and sustainability knowledge. A sampling:

• May 20 – A screening of The Sky’s the Limit: Energy Opportunities for Hawaii, an award-winning film with “simple, practical, affordable solutions to America’s energy crisis,” followed by a presentation from Kanu Hawaii’s Darren Kimura.

• June 6 – Hawaii Clean Energy Day. An impressive list of participants will focus on the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative and its goal of revolutionizing how energy is produced in the state over the next two decades.

• June 17 – Ocean thermal energy conversion could be a major contributor to the Hawaii’s energy mix by 2030. Long-time OTEC advocate Dr. Hans Krock will be the featured speaker – The Poseidon Adventure: A Down-Side-Up Story of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

• June 24 – Native Hawaiian Perspectives on Renewable Energy Development, a panel moderated by Ramsay Taum that will “discuss policies and actions to ensure a sustainable energy future for Hawaii.”

Additional lectures will round out the series and help prepare the agenda for even more far-reaching legislative action during the next session.

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