Monday, May 11, 2009

Electric Cars Only as ‘Green’ as Generation Source

Today’s “Business Daily” feature on the BBC World Service mentions Hawaii as one of the locations Better Place intends to build a network of electricity charging stations for a new generation of electron-powered vehicles. CEO Shai Agassi unveiled his plan here with considerable fanfare last December.

The radio clip is worth sitting through for its main point: An electric vehicle that takes its electricity from a power plant fired by fossil fuel doesn’t help much if at all in reducing carbon pollution of the atmosphere.

France is cited in the piece as an ideal location for the electric car revolution because it uses non-carbon-polluting nuclear power to generate the vast majority of its electricity. We’ll nominate Hawaii for the same reason – eventually. Once the state's vast solar and ocean power potential is realized, Hawaii will become a showcase for Better Place and other electric car industry movers and shakers.  It can’t happen soon enough.

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