Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back in the Mid-Pacific Groove, OTEC’s on Deck

European wind farms are a dime a dozen, solar arrays less so.
It’s time to refocus on Hawaii energy issues – not that we lost any intensity while vacationing in France. The above photo is submitted as proof of our vigilance – a massive photovoltaic array tucked away on the back lot of a nuclear power facility northeast of Pertuis.

Back here at home, ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) will attract some well-deserved attention tomorrow night when Dr. Hans Krock participates in the Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture series at the University of Hawaii.

Showing a flash of show-biz marketing savvy, the long-time OTEC proponent has titled his lecture “The Poseidon Adventure: A Down-Side-Up Story of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.”

More information is available by calling (808) 956-8246.

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