Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lockheed’s New OTEC Video Merits a Long Look; Energy Futures Program Debuts on Public Radio

A screen grab from Lockheed Martin's OTEC video shows
Makai Ocean Engineering's graphic of a plant off Oahu's Waianae Coast.

It figures; while we were recording an Energy Futures program on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) for future broadcast on Hawaii Public Radio, an email arrived with a link to Lockheed Martin’s apparently new video touting OTEC’s potential to change the energy game.

The Energy Futures OTEC show hasn’t been scheduled for broadcast, but if OTEC developments pick up, it will air sooner than later. Guests Hans Krock and Gerard Nihous, long-time OTEC proponents with decades of experience between them, gave a good description of OTEC’s technology and its promise, as does the Lockheed video.

July 6th Update
Ted Peck and Robert Harris before today's Energy Futures broadcast.
Energy Futures was broadcast for the first time this afternoon, with guests Ted Peck, Hawaii state energy administrator, and Robert Harris, director of the Sierra Club’s Hawaii Chapter. We invite the loyal readers of the Hawaii Energy Options blog to visit our new site for the radio show.


prh said...

Given the sensibilities of the Hawaiian people as outlined in the previous post it might well for Makai Ocean Engineering to consider a less industrial look for OTEC platforms. Might I suggest a conical facade that resembles the Mokulua islets when viewed from the island shoreline.

Anonymous said...

Find another OTEC-story here:


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