Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cross-Referencing the Social Media; We Post our First Audio File To Promote New Energy Program

It’s Father’s Day, so this will be short – and also self-promotional, since it’s Father’s Day. We just stumbled across an application called CellSpin that gives us yet another way to promote the new energy-focused program on Hawaii Public Radio.

CellSpin allows users to post text, photos, video and audio to the social media sites, so we’ve posted audio in keeping with the medium that will carry Energy Futures beginning on July 6.

Our first CellSpin post simply promotes the new radio program without mentioning the first show’s guests. We’ll do that in future CellSpin posts, but for the record, the inaugural show will feature Ted Peck, State Energy Administrator, and Robert Harris, executive director of the Sierra Club’s Hawaii chapter.

Energy Futures will be broadcast “live” 5-6 p.m. HST on Mondays on KIPO, 89.3 FM, and streamed on the ‘net at Other shows this summer will examine Hawaiian Electric Company’s possible energy futures, greenhouse gas implications for Hawaii’s economy, the anticipated new solar energy law here and Native Hawaiian perspectives on renewable energy.

That’s the current thinking. We invite you to be a regular listener to see how it all plays out, and be a caller, too; the program will reserve a big chunk of the hour for listeners’ calls.


Patrick Kenji Takahashi said...

Hey, great, yet another expansion of blogs. Any idea how many people will actually tune in to your radio show?

Doug Carlson said...

No idea who will listen, but with streaming of the show at HPR's website, the potential audience is in the billions!