Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special Invitation for Military Personnel on Oahu

Our SiteMeter visitor tracker captures the “” and “” ISP designations fairly often here at Hawaii Energy Options. That being the case, we invite you military visitors and all service personnel stationed on Oahu to visit our Yes2Rail blog. Today’s post invites you to submit comments on the Draft EIS for the Honolulu rail transit system.

Among the many reasons rail transit makes sense for Honolulu (and just about everywhere else) is that it will be good for the environment. Moving commuters by train is remarkably more efficient and less energy hungry than by private automobile.

One of the compelling pro-rail arguments we especially like is that the trains one day will be powered exclusively by renewable energy. That’s the only logical conclusion if we think Hawaii can achieve its Clean Energy Initiative goals – or reach them earlier. As we wrote back in August at Yes2Rail, clean OTEC energy one day will help power the rail system.

Here’s an invitation to all energy-oriented visitors to this blog: Become wholehearted boosters of rail within your circles of influence. It’s the green way to ride.

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