Thursday, January 29, 2009

Admissions of Neglect: We’re Two-Timing This Blog

Anybody out there get nervous if you don’t post to your website for a few days? That’s what we’re feeling this week, but we can explain:

We’ve been spending time with another blog -- Yes2Rail. The Honolulu rapid transit fixed guideway project we’re affiliated with is steadily progressing and has registered some new developments; e.g., the Honolulu City Council voted yesterday to shift the route so it will pass U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor and Honolulu International Airport.

The route was a no-brainer from way back, but political considerations two years ago required a compromise that initially fixed the route through a predominantly residential district. The new route’s projected ridership shows higher usage, including among the thousands of workers at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and the airport.

What’s more, this will be an environmentally preferable way to commute compared to the over-reliance on the private automobile on Oahu.  The "airport route" is expected to reduce road congestion by 23 percent in the next two decades.

So there you have it; we’ve stepping out with another blog, but we promise to turn our attention back to Hawaii's renewable energy options soon enough.  (Please visit Yes2Rail; it relishes all the attention it can get.)

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