Monday, January 26, 2009

Governor’s State-of-State Speech Says Oil ‘Sucks’

OK, that’s a bit abrupt. Here’s the full quote for proper context:

“Oil pollutes the environment, it sucks billions of dollars out of our economy and leaves us dependent on the goodwill of foreign countries and companies for our very survival.” (Tabloid treatment in the pursuit of energy independence is no vice.)

Governor Linda Lingle’s State of the State contained a strong commitment to reducing and eventually eliminating Hawaii’s dependence on imported oil and other energy resources. Renewable energy advocates will find much to like in her speech before the Legislature today, such as:

“As the world’s most isolated set of islands and our nation’s most oil-dependent state, a clean energy future is no longer simply a desire of environmentalists, it is an absolute necessity for our long-term economic survival.”

There’s plenty more about energy in the speech, which you can both read and watch at the Governor’s website.

•  Castle & Cooke's Harry Saunders writes in the Advertiser about the company's new solar farm on Lanai.

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