Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Refocusing this Blog Where It Belongs -- on OTEC

Waters west of Hawaii show OTEC's promise.
We write about electric cars and wind energy and undersea cables and geothermal and all the rest, but every now and then we have to come back to the center, and for this blog, the center is ocean thermal energy conversion.

Have you noticed the articles published all over the world that “introduce” readers and audiences to OTEC? It’s as if their authors are saying, “Listen up, people. Here’s a technology you really need to know about!”

That’s the feeling we got from a new piece at, which declares “Hawaii ideal for ocean-based renewable energy plants

Yes, indeed, and we’re happy to see the number of advocates is growing.


Patrick Kenji Takahashi said...

Your posting inspired my blog to focus on OTEC today at:

My Blue Revolution lecture at Hanauma went well, although I failed to catalyze any particular groundswell of support for OTEC or BR. However, a small group is thinking about trying something different. Maybe this might be of interest to you.

Hawaii real estate agent said...

Two of my good friends are marine biologists. One works for NOAA and other is a fisheries manager. They both like the idea of OTEC if it can be done in a way that doesn't hurt the marine ecology around it. there would have to be a lot of environmental impact studies.

I also think that we need a lot more people on Oahu to go solar. I have gone solar on my house. Got my power bill down from $600+ to $80/ month.
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