Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Nukes in Hawaii – Period! Build OTEC Now!

A mayoral candidate in Honolulu has proposed building nuclear power plants on islands floating 15-20 miles offshore beyond the horizon. Let’s hope he’s just sunk his campaign.

If we’re going to build power islands and pour billions into the effort, there’s more than enough evidence that ocean thermal energy conversion is the technology to get the job done and not create massive environmental problems along the way. Our first post here in March 2008 attempted to generate greater awareness in OTEC, which appeared to be off the media's and public's radar.

The environmental community already is weighing in on this preposterous idea. Maybe the only good thing to spring from it will be greater community awareness and a government-backed drive to make OTEC a reality in this decade.

Just to be clear: No Nukes in Hawaii – Period! Build OTEC Now!


Patrick Kenji Takahashi said...

Like your stance, Doug. A year and a half ago I posted an article in the Huffington Post

that supports your contention. I don't think the economics have changed much over the past 19 months. Of course, placing a nuclear powerplant at sea only adds to the expense.

I was tempted to drop by Costas' office to discuss with him why he was attempting political suicide, but I went golfing instead. I'll follow up next year.

Doug Carlson said...

Hi, Pat. Thanks for your supportive comment. I presume you mean Panos's office -- not the other reference. Yes, I agree that it can't help politically to advocate nuclear power for Hawaii, and floating offshore, no less. But I think it's an accurate reflection of his out-of-touch persona. He's anti-rail transit, which despite the vocalizations of a hyper-active minority, is what the majority believes in and what Honolulu needs as an alternative to traffic gridlock for commuters. It works all over the world, and in Oahu's urban corridor compressed between mountains and the sea, it'll work extremely well.