Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waikoloa – a Terrible Waste of Wind Farm Space

Maybe our relaxed mode these past few days has eroded the seriousness with which we normally address energy issues in Hawaii, but here’s a thought:

Why don’t they just tear down the hotels, restaurants and timeshare condos at Waikoloa on the Big Island’s kona coast and convert the space to wind farms? The resource must be enough to power all of this island and one or two more!

Seriously, folks…..the wind here is relentless. We love it here and enjoy our timeshare once a year to kick back and relax in this beautiful location, but the wind!  It’s truly nothing to write home about if you’re affiliated with the local chamber of commerce.

But back to the serious issues and something to sober us up:

According to a recent survey of Arctic sea ice, it’s getting thinner and less likely to survive the summer season. Scientists are now predicting that “the entire Arctic could become nearly ice-free in less than 30 years.”

And that can’t be good. Read the upsetting details in this online report in the San Francisco Chronicle. And forget about actually reading a real newspaper outdoors in Waikoloa. The wind…………!


prh said...

Waikoloa would be an excellent site for a 10MW OTEC plant with the costs, with tax incentives, shared by the hotels. They could use the DSW for air conditioning and the fresh water for the golf courses. The really good wind resource is up in the Kohala/Mauna Kea pass.

Doug Carlson said...

If they implement your excellent suggestion, let's also suggest they put a wind turbine or two on the OTEC platform. Waikoloa can really rip it -- as in, flag pins on the golf courses here blowing right out of the hole.