Saturday, April 18, 2009

‘Honolulu Weekly’ Preps for Earth Day in Hawaii

On this weekend before Earth Day, we’re moved to publicly note our admiration for the quality journalism displayed week in and week out in Honolulu Weekly. We’d like to think it has nothing to do with son Ragnar Carlson being the editor, but most independent observers would agree. (Yes, for those who’ve wondered: I'm proud to say he's my relative, not publisher Laurie Carlson’s!)

Honolulu Weekly is an essential resource here – an alternative print media voice that’s free to readers but priceless for the stands it takes and criticism it levies at deserving targets, including legislators unable to rise above self interest on some major issues this year.

This week’s issue highlights sustainability in the islands and includes a guide packed with events leading up to and during Earth Day, as well as year-round volunteerism opportunities.

Here’s hoping advertisers continue to recognize this paper's value and are plentiful enough to sustain the Weekly itself during our temporary economic downturn.

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