Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Would Obama Be Too Much of a ‘Homer' if He Made Hawaii THE World Model for Renewable Energy?

(11/9 Update: The Honolulu Star-Bulletin doesn't think so; see today's editorial.)
“President-Elect Obama” has a beautiful ring to it – especially here in his home state. Environmentalists and renewable energy advocates have reason to be happy about the election results, too.

Wind, solar and ocean energy initiatives should thrive in the Obama Administration, and we’re likely to hear precious little talk about “Drill, Baby, Drill” – and even less enthusiasm for nuclear power.

So let’s resurrect our apocryphal conversation with the President-Elect about making Hawaii a model for renewable energy development. Hawaii – the most oil-dependent of the American states, the most isolated society in the entire world, an example of ethnic harmony despite our faults and an island chain rich in renewable energy development potential that can be a model for others to follow.

If a son of Hawaii can become President of the United States, nothing is impossible. Let Hawaii's age of renewable energy leadership begin.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, we need someone to stimulate the process, so go to it...and let me know how I might help. Somehow, we should use the internet to catalyze the effort.

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Doug Carlson said...

Thanks for visiting, Pat, and jump right in! Your potential to positively influence the Obama Administration far exceeds mine, but who's keeping score? Hawaii has so many resources in academia, industry, politics and the non-profits that if we can't make inroads, something's wrong with us.

Anybody with comments to add to this general topic, please join in. Here's the topic: "Helping the Obama Administration Appreciate Hawaii's Potential for Renewable Energy Transformation and Leadership"

And be sure to click on Pat Takahashi's link to "My Daily Blog."