Saturday, November 29, 2008

More News on OTEC Deal Strangely Still Missing

We offered a champagne toast when the news broke on a collaboration to build a 10-megawatt ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) plant in Hawaii. Yet 11 days later, there’s still no follow-up from the parties to what Governor Lingle’s office released on November 18th.

We don’t doubt the truth of the announcement made in Taiwan during a State trade mission. Still, it’s puzzling that the only news about the OTEC plant has come from the Governor’s office. Far as we can tell, neither Lockheed Martin nor the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan has issued a release.

If this is as big a deal as ocean energy enthusiasts hope it is, surely the parties want to put their own spin on their plans. But they haven’t, and that makes you wonder.

Lockheed representatives will be in Hawaii next week, and maybe that’s when we’ll learn more about what could be a breakthrough in renewable energy development here.


Mike Gabbard said...

Aloha Doug,

Great site with very useful information. Looking forward to a productive legislative session.

Mahalo and Merry Christmas to you and your ohana.

Senator Mike Gabbard
Chair, Energy/Environment Committee

Doug Carlson said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comments, Senator. Yes -- this session will be critical in our collective effort to transition off oil and onto renewable platforms. Thank you in advance for your leadership, and we look forward to supporting your efforts.