Saturday, July 26, 2008

Laying Down a Footprint During Travel Time

Our excuse for letting nine days go by without a post is twofold: Al Gore’s speech on July 17th was compelling, so our post on it lingered, and secondarily, distractions for a mainland trip got in the way. 

Other travelers include Governor Lingle, who’s on a federal government-sponsored trip; she’s in Colorado today for workshops on renewable energy.

Recommended reading for our trip and anyone else concerned about the nation’s and Hawaii’s energy issues is Freedom from Mid-East Oil by Jerry B. Brown, James A. Cusumano and Rinaldo S. Brutoco, whom we met in May at Blue Planet Foundation chief Henk Rogers’ ranch on the Big Island. From the back cover:

“Imagine a world in which America won its freedom from Mid-East oil. We can build that world within 10 years with existing technology and no new taxes.

"Imagine a world in which America resolved to overcome the energy-climate change crisis that threatens its national security. We can build that world today with informed choices and political will.

"Imagine a book with a roadmap for fighting global warming and ending America’s dangerous dependence on imported oil. This is that book!

It’s a page-turner for those whose vision includes a fossil-fuel-free Hawaii.


Patrick Kenji Takahashi said...

A small discussion group has been formed, including Madeleine Austin, who edited the book you featured today. Let me know if are interested in joining the Gourmets' Society to Save Planet Earth and Humanity. Our chances to accomplish this goal are slim, but the redeeming virtues are wine and fine cuisine. By the way, I review the current OTEC developers in my blog today:

Doug Carlson said...

Pat, as usual, what you write has plenty to recommend it, and we're ready to sign up for the wine, cuisine and Earth-saving discussion. Mahalo.