Monday, July 7, 2008

Hawaii’s Changing Demand Side Use Highlighted as Consumers React to ‘Breathtaking’ $350 Power Bill

The Honolulu Advertiser delves into how Hawaii’s electrical energy consumers are adjusting to the new reality of $140+/barrel oil. Eliminating “phantom loads” by unplugging electronics when they’re not needed, switching to CFL bulbs and other tactics are trimming both kilowatthours and dollars from bills.

Elsewhere, analysts are assessing the pause in the spiraling oil price increase, with some suggesting the market’s just taking a breather before pressing on to the $150 “barrier,” which isn’t.  Hawaii consumers are looking for more than a "breather." How about Time Out!?

Adding to our apprehension is the latest news about what's happening to the ocean around us.  The Star-Bulletin has a story on research by University of Hawaii scientists that's reported in the July 4th issue of Science magazine.  It makes us wish we had done more for the planet over the long holiday weekend....

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