Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Update: Letter to Editor Praises OTEC; Daniel Schorr on Drilling; Gas Soars; Economy Pits

Question: Will Governor Lingle’s office reverse the decision to lease a 12-mpg vehicle?

The Advertiser liked John Harrison’s letter so much yesterday it put a box around it in the print edition: “OTEC could be viable energy source for OahuWe launched this blog to say the same thing.

Daniel Schorr tells Scott Simon on NPR’s “Weekend Edition” it would take 10 years for oil from offshore drilling to hit the market. Couldn’t plug-in and hydrogen-powered cars be here by then? (See Tom Friedman's column on increasing our oil addiction.)

The state’s economy shows the strain of Hawaii’s oil crisis as gas prices hit record levels. And what does the Governor’s office do? It passes on a hybrid and embraces a gas guzzler. Go figure.
June 22 Update: Honolulu Star-Bulletin editorializes, "New car undermines gov's energy message"

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Gail Tverberg was the featured speaker at the recent energy forum in Hilo. Here is her report to The Oil Drum ( a peak oil blog) I was the only person from Hawaii to attend the Peak OIl Conference in Houston this past Oct. I suggested that she be the featured speaker. Richard Ha