Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Governor Stunner: She May Veto Solar Mandate

Crossroads. We all face them in this complicated life, and Governor Linda Lingle finds herself at one now.

Take the path down “Energy Independence Lane” and she has a chance to create a positive generations-long legacy. Take the other path along “Special Interests Drive” and she’ll make a mockery of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative that she signed less than six months ago.

Today’s Advertiser says the Governor has yet to decide whether to veto Senate Bill 644, which would require solar water heating in new homes beginning in 2010:

“A representative for Lingle's office said the governor is reviewing the bill and is taking into consideration public comments. Lingle has until Monday to notify the Legislature of an intent to veto.”

The story goes on to record the comments of solar industry representatives who oppose the mandate.

If you agree with the Sierra Club and others that a solar water heating mandate is needed to help Hawaii get off oil for residential water heating:

Call Governor Lingle: (808) 586-0034
Fax the office: (808) 586-0006
Email her:

Tell her the public interest trumps special interest, that her legacy depends on how hard she works to dramatically reduce fossil fuel use in Hawaii. And you might even suggest that election to whatever office she seeks after this one might well depend on whether she signs this legislation into law.

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