Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Molokai Still a Friendly Isle, Even at $4.50/Gallon

We've been moving at a remarkably slower pace these past five days thanks to an extended weekend on Molokai, a sure cure for urban ailments. It's given us a chance to catch up on our reading, including this New York Times piece from February about Hawaii's green energy potential.

Although this piece doesn't ignore ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) as so many stories do as they cover the many renewable energy alternatives waiting to be tapped in Hawaii, it gives it pretty short shrift and basically ignores its potential. And as our first post said in March, that's why we started writing this blog -- to bring OTEC out of the shadows and get a buzz on. Energy pieces about Hawaii too often routinely ignore OTEC, which is amazingly short-sighted.

But that's about all we can muster here today after five days at Kualapu`u Ranch. It's back to Honolulu in a couple hours -- back to where premium gas is "only" about $3.80/gallon. It tops $4.50 per on Molokai....which just goes to show the fix we're in out here in the Pacific.

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