Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hawaii in Different League re Oil Use for Electricity

The point can’t be made too often: Hawaii’s dependence on fuel oil for the generation of electricity is dramatically different than the rest of the country. This map with its interactive feature is an easy reference and shows Hawaii’s oil dependence at 77.2 percent. Only Florida among the other 49 states is in double digits at 10.2 percent. Nearly every other state is well below 1 percent reliant on fuel oil for electricity generation.

Now check any map for Hawaii’s location on the planet. The island chain is in a tropical ocean, where surface temperatures are high enough to make ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) workable. (Read about the technology here and why we started this blog here.)

Why do we care? Because when the price of oil is linked to that 77.2 percent figure, the future looks exceptionally alarming for the 50th state.

OTEC will be Hawaii’s future technology for electricity generation. It’s just a matter of time and talent – time to bring all the parties together, and talented people dedicated to a no-brainer solution to dramatically reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuel.

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