Friday, December 17, 2010

OTEC Progress Measured at a (Steady) Snail’s Pace

Night falls on Energy Island's vision of an OTEC plant. Check out an animation of a day/night cycle at this futuristic facility.
Once again we plead guilty for spending almost all our online blog time at Yes2Rail, where the latest news is the acceptance of the Honolulu rail project’s final environmental impact statement by the state’s chief executive.

An EIS for Hawaii’s first commercial-scale ocean thermal energy conversion plant is, alas, nowhere to be seen, but as they say, sometimes it’s smart to save the best for last.

OTEC made news in Hawaii today with a Hawaii Public Radio piece on where OTEC research stands in the islands. Reporter Ben Markus has several sound bites from companies and individuals involved in the Navy-sponsored OTEC research here.

For a much more exhaustive discussion on OTEC and its potential to meet the planet’s energy needs AND reverse warming of the oceans due to climate change, read the long piece by “Paul from Potomac” at OpEd News. It begins:

“Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is by far the most balanced means to face the challenge of global warming. It is also the one that requires the greatest investment to meet its potential. It is a most intriguing answer that can save us from Armageddon.”

How’s that for a lead-in? It warms the cockles of this OTEC lover’s heart as we approach the Winter Solstice.

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