Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More OTEC News: US DOE Favors Lockheed Martin with 2 Grants

It’s not the amount that’s important; it’s the intent.

One million dollars is pin money to the Department of Energy, but Lockheed Martin and other ocean thermal energy conversion advocates have reason to be happy at the latest grant money headed toward Lockheed.

Whether it merits the big headline above Lockheed's PR release is another question. If the day ever comes when the government doles out really serious money for OTEC, we’ll all need bigger computer screens to handle the news.

And here's a gratuitous mention of Hawaii in this blog post to be sure the state shows up along with OTEC as often as possible in OTEC-related web searches. Hawaii is the obvious front-runner candidate for the first pilot plant and eventual commercialization.

Hawaii. Hawaii. Hawaii. We can't put say it often enough.

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Burt said...

Do you know of any planned thermal solar installations in Hawaii?

Are you familiar with eSolar? Here is a must see video interview with Bill Gross on how eSolar has developed utility-scaled solar systems that can compete with coal on price.