Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hawaiian Electric To Receive $5.3 Million in Grid Upgrade Funding

Here’s news that offers some hope that day-long power outages might be a thing of the past. How’s that for over-arching optimism?

Hawaiian Electric Company will receive $5.3 million of the $3.4 billion the Obama Administration has set aside for Smart Grid Investment Grants to improve the stability of the nation’s power grids.

Each of Hawaii’s island utility companies operates as a – well, an island – unconnected with any other power sources or grids, so our utilities have even better reasons to operate at maximum efficiency and quality.

Oahu residents remember the December 26, 2008 power outage reportedly caused by lightning that lasted half a day or longer for many. We can’t imagine that $5.3 million will go far in toughening up local power grids, but anything that helps keep the lights on is long overdue.

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Harley said...

you can download the list from here:

I found it interesting Guam, pop. 0.2 million, will get $16 million (for a $33 million project) to install Smart Grid Technology and Hawaii, Honolulu, pop. 0.9 million, is getting $5 million (for a $10 million project)

your right though..
The money will not be used to reduce power outages for most of Oahu.

it will be used to "Automate high load distribution circuits feeding eastern
Oahu, reducing outage duration and community impacts.
Enable workforce retraining and preserve jobs through
cross-training and creation of new skill sets within the
utility. "

It looks like we could have invested more, and received more.

regardless, can HE put more money towards smart meters to help customer's monitor and reduce electric bills?

How about putting our transmission lines underground to reduce outages caused by storms?

it would be cool if we could go on to google and monitor our electric usage.

it would be even better to fair a moderate Hurricane and not worry about the power lines getting knocked down.