Friday, March 13, 2009

New Predictions of Irreversible Climate Shifts Hold Dire Warning for Hawaii; a 1-Meter Sea Level Rise?

Have you ever had your ears rung after someone crept up behind you and crashed a pair of marching band cymbals together? We think the latest predictions of “irreversible climate shifts” should have that kind of attention-getting jolt. Scientists now meeting in Copenhagen say

"The worst-case IPCC scenario trajectories (or even worse) are being realized. There is a significant risk that many of the trends will accelerate, leading to an increasing risk of abrupt or irreversible climatic shifts."

Among the predictions: Sea levels could rise 39 inches by the end of the century – i.e., during the lives of our children's grandchildren. That would be nearly twice as high as the earlier predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Computer models have shown that a 23-inch rise would drastically alter life in Hawaii, so we can only imagine what a one-meter rise would do – inundate Waikiki, wash away Kamehameha Highway, submerge the airport’s reef runway, destroy innumerable seaside homes, etc.

Attend This Seminar!

The scientists’ report is good timing for Monday’s seminar in Waikiki that will include a call to action to eliminate the use of climate-changing fossil fuels in Hawaii by 2020. Henk Rogers, founder of the Blue Planet Foundation, will be among three outstanding speakers at this year’s Business Game Plan, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunrise.

Island residents seemingly have every reason to heed the Copenhagen warnings; our homes and habitat would be changed forever if sea levels were to rise as much as predicted. As a member of BGP’s sponsoring organization, we hope those predictions will move a few more Oahu residents to attend Monday’s seminar.

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Jan T said...

Holy warming, Batman. Let's detune the Batmobile and expand our carbon footprint. The Batcave could be a Bat Beach.