Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'Hawaii Clear Car Act' Hearing Set for Thursday

Two bills before the State Legislature – Senate 1233 and 1174 – are modeled after California’s clean car legislation. Taken together, the Hawaii Clean Car Act requires automakers to provide cars and trucks producing 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions by 2016.

The Blue Planet Foundation has submitted testimony for Thursday’s hearing (4 p.m., Capitol Room 225) and is urging others to do the same via email. We kinda like the emailed testimony of someone close to this blog:

Chair Gabbard and members of the committee:

I write to you as a concerned mother and grandmother.

As you know, our Legislature now has a golden opportunity to help eliminate offensive automobile air pollution, encourage less dependency on foreign and imported oil, and make life on our islands better for all citizens--including over 154,000 citizens suffering from some sort of lung and/or respiratory disease.

We need to join the ranks of other states and progressively provide protection for the citizens of our state. Forward thinking at this time, by passing SB 1233 and SB 1174, will further the environmental policies of President Obama as well as establish Hawaii as a state willing to come forward and do whatever is necessary to help save our environment. There can be no doubt that all states and countries must work together to end dependency on oil and hence to stop global warming. 

Additionally, these two bills do not impose a tax burden on citizens during the current difficult economic downturn. The beauty of our aina is dependent upon our Legislature's good judgment when deciding environmental policy. It is now time to take a firm and aggressive stance with regard to such important policy.

Thank you for the opportunity to testify.

Lennie J. Carlson

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