Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hawaii Description as ‘Foreign and Exotic’ Place Shows What State Could Face in an Energy Crisis

Senator Barack Obama vacations in his home state and it’s treated like a campaign gaffe, seeing as how the state is so “foreign and exotic,” according to ABC’s Cokie Roberts. Hawaii’s in a snit, of course, and our junior Senator distributed a press release with the “BREAKING” news that America became a 50-state nation 49 years ago.

Moving beyond this flapdoodle, Roberts’ comment suggests where Hawaii might rank in the scheme of things when the next energy crisis hits the fan. This “foreign and exotic” outpost could well be lost in the shuffle to satisfy the petroleum fix of good solid Americans – folks like Roberts’ fellow Loosianans.

All the more reason to make the most of “5 minutes with Obama” (see below).

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