Friday, May 16, 2008

HECO, Hoku Solar Team for Photovoltaic Project

Just to prove we’re not “all OTEC, all the time,” here’s Hawaiian Electric Company’s press release on its 20-year photovoltaic system project with Hoku Solar, a subsidiary of Hoku Scientific, Inc. The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission just approved the contract under which HECO will purchase the PV system’s power. HECO will have an option to buy the project after five years.

PV, solar water heating, wind, waves, geothermal, OTEC – they all add up to increasing Hawaii’s energy independence. We have a long way to go; at today’s new record price for oil ($127.82), Hawaii exports about $6.5 billion annually for our crude oil imports. The more we reduce those imports, the more money will stay home.

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JMesserly said...

Where did the 6.5 billion per year figure come from?