Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blue Planet Summit Promises To Be Breakthrough Renewable Energy Event for Hawaii & the Pacific

• March 30th Update: Check out today's Advertiser editorial.
• April 1st Update: Today's Star-Bulletin has a story on the Summit; see also a list of some participants (a complete list is on the Summit's website, linked below.) Also, wind energy storage to be studied here.

Current world energy trends reasonably lead to the conclusion that isolated societies like Hawaii and the other Pacific islands are under extreme economic risk unless they find solutions to their dependence on imported fuel oil. There’s no aloha for the Aloha State in oil prices that steadily hover above $100 per barrel, driving up the cost of everything consumed and purchased here – electricity, food, gasoline, clothing, cars, flights, literally everything.

As a state, we’ve been whistling past the graveyard – dabbling in renewable energy alternatives with some success here and there without significantly reducing the state’s fossil fuel dependence. This has to change, and that’s why the Blue Planet Summit promises to be perhaps the most significant conference here in memory.

The Summit will bring dozens of energy and policy experts to Oahu for three days of discussion and visioning next week. The Honolulu Advertiser previewed the Summit in a February story. (See also the Star-Bulletin story linked above.)

Anyone with an ounce of concern about our energy future should pay close attention to this Summit, which will receive local, national and international media coverage thanks to excellent planning and organization by the Summit’s sponsor, the Blue Planet Foundation and entrepreneur Henk Rogers. The Foundation's impressive mission: "To change our world's energy culture."

We’ll be attending the Summit, having received a late invitation to participate and contribute to the discussion about renewable energy options for Hawaii. While we’ll be supportive of all efforts to reduce Hawaii’s massive carbon footprint, you can bet Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion will be our focus.

Mahalo plenty to the Foundation!


Bill Chase said...
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Bill Chase said...

Congratulations to the Blue Planet Summit from the Pollution-Free Planet Foundation. We know you will set an example for all of us and generate some positive action for breaking the world's dependence on fossil fuels and replacing them with Renewable Energy. We're all on the same Blue Marble. Bill Chase, President, Pollution-Free Planet Foundation,

Doug Carlson said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Bill, and good luck to you and your colleagues at the Pollution-Free Planet Foundation. Stay in touch!